A Breast Augmentation is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Whether you are trying to battle aging, the effects of weight fluctuations, pregnancy and nursing, or simply genetics, breast augmentation may be your solution to a more balanced figure.

breast augmentation procedure

Types of Breast Implants Used in Augmentation

During your consultation your surgeon will be able to help you choose the best size, type, and positioning for your breast implants.  Implants can be positioned under or over your pectoral muscles. The two main categories for implants are silicone and saline.  Each have an outer shell of silicone rubber, the biggest difference is the filling material.  Silicone implants come filled with a gel that’s made from silicone.  It tends to be thicker and feels more natural like natural breast tissue. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Breast augmentation consultations usually take less than an hour.  At your appointment our board certified surgeon will, measure and examine your breasts, take images, and have you test our some sample inserts.  During your consultation you’ll be able to see how you’ll look with new breast implants.  It’s a good idea to bring a soft bra and a form fitting shirt, to see how they will look.  Our team will also discuss how you’d like your new breasts to look, feel, and discuss options for the size and type of implants you want.  It’s good to also consider any medical history and results of mammograms.  Lastly we like to have our patients educated on potential risks, recover time, outcomes and of course; the cost of breast augmentation.  Club Image sets itself apart by offering breast augmentation financing, so you’ll have a low monthly payment and the breasts of your dreams. 

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