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Losing fat and maintaining healthy muscle mass as you age is always an important component in staying fit and healthy. It can also have a profound impact on your appearance as well as your self-image.

As your body composition changes, you will likely notice progressive improvements in your shape and profile. Yet many individuals also find that there are a few areas of body fat that resist the improvements offered by a healthy diet and increased exercise.

If you are dissatisfied with stubborn fat deposits on your lower back, upper arms, abdomen or other areas, you should consider setting up an appointment with Dr. Kirk Moore, and the staff at Club Image in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After a basic examination and consultation to better understand your goals, our surgeon will present you with some treatment options. In many of these cases, stubborn areas of body fat can be directly addressed by a state-of-the-art CoolSculpting ® treatment.

The process is designed to specifically target fat cells in a specific area without the invasive surgery associated with other treatments such as liposuction. It works by gently freezing the fat cells without interfering with other cells and tissues in the treatment area.

Over time your body will safely dispose of the affected fat cells and the area will gradually start to develop a thinner appearance. Most patients notice a significant change in the treatment area after just a single CoolSculpting ® treatment. However, many will return to Club Image for additional treatments to fully realize their vision for the specific body part.

If you have stubborn fat deposits that resist the improvements in your lifestyle, you should consider calling 801-250-7077 to set up a consultation appointment at Club Image in Salt Lake City, Utah.