We can reshape many parts of your body, including your buttocks! If you are looking for a butt augmentation in Midvale, Utah, schedule a consultation at Club Image Salt Lake City (Dr. Kirk Moore)! A butt lift may be just what you need to boost your appearance and confidence. Call 801-250-7077 to learn more from Dr. Kirk Moore and find out if you are a candidate!

A butt lift is a cosmetic procedure intended to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. If you feel your body is disproportionate or your buttocks have started to droop due to the natural aging process, our experienced plastic surgeon may suggest a butt lift. Butt lifts can include multiple procedures to help you achieve the shape you want. Other procedures may include:

  • Removal of excess skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Liposuction
  • Implants

Butt lift implants, a common type of butt lift, utilize saline-filled or solid silicone implants to boost the size and smooth the shape of your buttocks. These types of implants are used to decrease or eliminate the chance of rupture and infection.

Our plastic surgeon will meet with you before your treatment to discuss your procedure and address any questions that you may have. During this consultation, we will also discuss your idea of beauty and how you would like your end result to look like. Our team will help ensure you have reasonable expectations for the procedure to make sure you can get the best possible results.

Our plastic surgeon will perform your butt lift using local or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety during your procedure. We will remove any excess skin, fat or tissue from your buttocks and place implants under your skin. Our team takes great care to leave minimal scarring on and around your buttocks. For more information on butt lifts and to schedule a consultation with our skilled plastic surgeon , call our office today.