Normal aging processes caused by gravity, the sun and life in general can cause our skin to wrinkle and our muscles to droop. As a result, lines may start to form around our mouth and nose, causing unsightly jowls and sagging skin. For those who may have developed such facial features or who experience any appearance insecurities, our plastic surgeon may recommend a facial rejuvenation treatment.

At Club Image Salt Lake City (Dr. Kirk Moore), we offer a variety of treatments for facial rejuvenation in Midvale, Utah. Your specific treatment, however, is always customized for your needs. All of our rejuvenation options are designed and proven to do the following:

  • smooth out any wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • lift your mid face (area including your nose, cheeks, and area above your upper lip)
  • define your jaw-line
  • eliminate any excess neck skin (such as a double chin)

The above purposes of our facial rejuvenation treatments are designed to address some of most common concerns that our clients face. However, our plastic surgeon can treat many more facial characteristics with rejuvenation. Prior to treatment, Dr. Kirk Moore will thoroughly discuss your appearance desires with you during a consultation. If you have any questions about financing or treatment options, we invite you to call us at 801-250-7077 today! You may also fill out our contact form to learn more about our affordable monthly payments.