Breast re-augmentation is unique to each situation. It is not always as simple as removing existing implants and placing new fixtures into the same pocket. One of the most common reasons for a secondary augmentation or re augmentation is dissatisfaction with breast size. Most women find that over time, their aesthetic goals have evolved over time and wish to undergo augmentation to reflect these changes. Whether a patient wants to exchange for a larger or a smaller implant, a secondary breast augmentation can be performed. During this procedure, the current implants are removed and replaced with new implants to achieve the desired appearance. In some instances, an entirely new pocket must be created, which may involve modifying a certain amount of capsular tissue. Experienced surgeons understand the intricacies of implant surgery, and are mindful to ensure proper integration of the new implant into surrounding tissue so implants are adequately stabilized and capsular contracture is minimal.

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