Our team at Club Image Salt Lake City (Dr. Kirk Moore) has the compassion, education and proven results to provide high-quality care for all of our clients’ appearance needs. As a result, our clients have provided us valuable and highly positive feedback about their experiences. To learn more about our plastic surgeon, Dr. Kirk Moore, and the treatments he offers, we invite you to review the testimonials below or contact our plastic surgery clinic in Midvale, Utah. We look forward to helping you renew and enhance your personal image.



“I felt right at home, the office was so inviting. They were wonderful, they put we right at ease. I knew this was the place I needed to be. I was ecstatic to have my procedure done and I am so happy I went with Dr. Kirk More and his team. It was an amazing experience. It truly changed me!””


I had been wanting to get a boob job for about a year. I really wanted them more after my second child and breastfeeding. Well, I was set on saline because, I like the round look and didn’t want a lift because, of scarring potentially. Dr. Kirk Moore didn’t want to push me into something I didn’t want but, explained that he really felt I would be much happier with a lift and gummy bear high profile. I went with his suggestion the first week I hated my stitches but, loved the shape. After two weeks I was pleased with care how quickly they were healing. Its now been 3 weeks I loooove my results. I went 525cc gummy silicone lift and I barely have any scarring it will definitely go away but, its barely noticeable they are the perfect size double d and just beautiful. Im so happy. Also Shawna is so amazing. I was about to put down a lump sum no financing and work payments for a year with the office directly. I highly recommend Dr. Kirk Moore.”

- Ms. Padilla