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At Club Image Salt Lake City (Dr. Kirk Moore), we offer 5th generation silicone Sientra® ‘Gummy Bear’ breast implants! These implants have a lower rupture rate and less rippling than traditional silicone implants. In addition, the new ‘Gummy Bear’ technology provides a more natural look for our clients. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles, so you can get the exact look you desire. It is important to Dr. Kirk Moore that you receive the implants that are best suited for your breast measurements and desired results.

Our silicone gel breast implants create not only a natural look but also a natural feel. Moreover, our plastic surgeon has provided an innumerable amount of breast augmentations and has even perfected the procedure to give his clients greater satisfaction with silicone implants. We also are pleased to offer saline breast implants, which can be a good option for clients who are looking for a more affordable and adjustable treatment that can be placed with a slightly smaller scar.

Many clients seek out the care of our plastic surgeon for his innovative Practically Pain Free Rapid Recovery Procedure®. We are one of the few plastic surgery centers in the nation to offer this technique. This Rapid Recovery procedure changes the way that the breast augmentation procedure is done. Not only are treatments less painful but clients are free to return to their daily life the very next day! There is no need to miss work or social events for long periods of time. In not time, you can get back to your life with greater confidence and satisfaction.

Since 2000, Dr. Moore and his team have provided thousands of successful breast augmentations. To get started with our professionals, and to learn more about our advanced procedures for breast augmentations in Midvale, Utah, please call us at 801-250-7077 today!


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Dr. Kirk Moore is passionate about perfecting the breast augmentation procedure. This means that he strives to make your treatment safer, simpler and pain-free while continuing to provide astonishing and natural results.

His breakthrough procedure, the Practically Pain Free Rapid Recovery Procedure®, is the result of over a decade of work. Dr. Moore has used his experience, analyzed every factor of breast augmentation procedure to make it a more comfortable experience for his clients and enhanced the end results to provide an innovative new procedure. With his Rapid Recovery procedure, you can receive the results you desire with minimal pain and get back to your life the next day!

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